Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sri Lanka: The Old & New

This is probably the shortest post in the history of this blog, but I figure it would be good to explain the dichotomy of this country from my point of view.  On one hand, you see things like this:
ALMOST a Starbucks.....
That's right, even Sri Lanka can't escape the power of Starbucks!  This baby popped up a few weeks ago and I just got done finishing off my first cup o' Starbucks in a very long time....NICE!  Although this isn't a full fledged Starbucks franchise, these guys did get the authorization from Starbucks to sell their coffee....just one step closer to complete transformation of the country as we know it I suppose.

Coupled along with the advancement into all things western is this next picture:
What the %&$@ is this?
 Can anyone guess what Shari is doing here????  Anyone?  Well, the envelopes might have given it away, but even I have never seen anything quite like this.  That's right, we are at the local post office applying cement to our stamps (don't have to worry about licking a stamp here, but you do have to worry about not gluing your finger to your forehead!).  Not only does the post office remind you of a throwback to the 1920's with the furniture, lack of computers, log books and old school and very cool massive stamping devices the postal workers use, you have to apply your own adhesive to the stamps!

Talk about complete contrast between history and "progress".  For those of you who have ever said "how did we ever get anything done without computers" come visit the post office here in Sri Lanka, or the customs office, or any number of government and even private businesses for that matter, and you will see the answer to your question in real time.....

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