Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lots to do!

Today was a very productive day! The day started with an evaluation of the things we plan to ship to Sri Lanka. Looking at the picture of our living room, we almost decided not to take our 42" high definition TV because Sri Lanka is on a different analog television system called PAL or Phase Alternating Line. Televisions in the US are on the National Television System Committee (NTSC) system. In order for our TV to work in Sri Lanka, we need to be able to receive the PAL signal. A quick search of Amazon.com yielded a nice converter box for $100 US. This particular brand came with good reviews from US service members stationed abroad, so I decided it was worth the risk to give it a try. If all works out like I hope, it will save us the few thousand dollars it will cost us to buy a new equivalent set in Sri Lanka (electronics in Sri Lanka are very expensive)!

I also ordered the Lonely Planet travel guide so that I can learn more about the country prior to our departure. I heard about this guide during my travels in Argentina in 2009. I met a ton of people from all over the world on that trip and almost everyone of them used lonely planet. The guide should arrive in a few days so I can start cramming-got to make sure I know my stuff once Shari and I hit the ground.

After placing my order for our Lonely Planet, Shari and I ventured to the Sri Lankan Consulate in downtown Los Angeles to get my visa. Ever since we made the decision to move, we've heard various stories of what kind of visa I would be able to get. Since we plan on staying for a while, we wanted to get a visa that would allow us the most flexibility. We were both relieved to hear that I was eligible for a one year visa in which I will be allowed to stay in the country for six month stretches. We will
have to leave the country once the first six months up; however,
we will only have to leave for a day and will be allowed to return for another six months upon our return. I smell a mini vacation to the Maldives in our near future! (Shari tells me it is incredibly beautiful there). Stay tuned for more posts as we continue getting ready for our adventure.....

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