Sunday, July 31, 2011

Our Last Full Day in Los Angeles

Umami Burger....MMMMMM
On our last full day in Los Angeles, we decided to go out with a bang.....

We woke up Saturday morning refreshed from a long two days of packing and moving, met with some of Shari's friends for a quick goodbye and decided to have lunch at Umami Burger.  I heard this place served one of the best Burgers in LA, but I have to admit, I was skeptical....until I tried one!  WOW!

Since we had a good mix of beef and non beef eaters and even a vegetarian in our group, we got to sample a little of everything.  The veggie burger was so meat like that Shari's sister needed to be convinced by the waiter that she was indeed eating a veggie patty rather than a big ol hunk o' meat.  

The Crew at Dantanas
After meeting up to say our last goodbyes to some more of Shari's friends....we picked up Shari's best friend Leena and headed out for Dantanas in West Hollywood.  I've been wanting to try this joint since I moved to LA so I was pretty excited that we were finally going to have a meal there.

Although it was good to see friends, I was a bit underwhelmed by the food.  It wasn't bad, but it was a bit basic and frankly not what I was expecting from a place with such a storied history; therefore, I have to give the all time best LA Italian food restaurant award to Shari's favorite spot, Via Veneto.

Paully D, Lena and Shari at Ugo in Culver City
After dinner, we took a short drive to Culver City to say goodbye to my friends at Boomer's 31st Birthday.  While waiting for the birthday boy to arrive, we stopped off a Ugo to sample some wines, then headed over to the Culver City Hotel for a quick drink with my old friends....I actually saw people I haven't see in years so I am thankful we got to stop by for a bit.

Boomer's 31st B-day
It is now Sunday morning and we are getting prepared to get on the big bird to Sri Lanka in a little over seven hours.  We will miss all of our friends and family very much, but just remember, you are all invited to come visit us, so make your reservations early!

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  1. This was so nice, loved it!! We will miss you guys for sure!! Keep up the blogs-love them!!

    LEENA!!!! Sure you won't forget!! :)