Friday, August 19, 2011

My First Driving Experience In Sri Lanka

What the %$@! did I just get myself into?
How long have I been driving...Oh ya, only 22 years!  Well, today I felt just like the time I had my learner's permit and talked my brother into driving down to Taco Bell with me.  I waited too long at a left turn light and the guy behind me honked his horn and freaked me out so bad I swore I would never drive again...ya, today was kinda like that.....
No, no, I ran over the dog over THERE!
Steering wheel on the wrong side of the car is just...wrong!  I figured it would be no problem until I tried to grab my seat belt from the wrong side of my seat, turned on the windshield whippers instead of the turn signal and almost side swiped every car parked on the side of the first side road I drove down because I had ZERO depth perception on my left side.  That's probably the hardest part-you really don't know how far away the left side of the vehicle is from anything...this is going to take some getting used to.
Thumbs up everybody...we're still alive
At least I didn't freak out with people trying to pass me on every side, or the incessant horn blowing or the fact that you have to "just inch in front of the bus and the semi coming at you like a bat out of hell down the two lane road, otherwise no one with stop for you" stop traffic cold in order to make a right hand turn...THAT was easy.  Getting the distance away from objects on my left side that will take some time.


  1. Your crazy!! Driving in SL is nuts!! Same as India....totally crazy!! Pretty gutsy move on your part!! :)
    Glad your alive, all that matters!!

  2. Haha
    Other than the wheel being on the wrong most countries in those regions driving is like a suicide rock for being so gutsy!

    Patty :)

  3. awwww, you have not changed. You still looks as if you are 30yrs old. Rock it out there.
    Peace!!!! xoxo Miyuki & Sumiea