Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Argentina Day 3 (La Boca and Puerto Madero)

Day three in Argentina and it was another action packed day. Teresa and I got a bit of a late start, but managed to consume a traditional Argentine breakfast on our way to La Boca. La Boca is a section of Buenos Aries in a VERY sketchy part of town with colorful buildings painted with the same paint the fishermen use to paint their boats. It is right next to the Junior soccer stadium where future Argentine soccer stars practice their craft. The stadium is HUGE and the neighborhood around it is pretty rough, but once you get to La Boca, it is a very pleasant experience full of Tango shows, shopping and great food!

Like two misinformed tourists, we decided to walk from our hostel to La Boca. It was a good long walk, but it wasn't the length of our journey that had us on edge. As we got closer to La Boca, we became a bit nervous about the surrounding area. We kept a brisk pace though and made sure to remain vigilant. Everything was fine, but a little help from a local merchant got us to our final destination right into some cheesy pictures and soccer jersey shopping next to the soccer stadium.

Once we arrived at La Boca, we were accosted by host after host trying to get us to come into their cafe to eat and watch their tango show. We took our time and got some great photos and even bought an amazing piece of art before settling on what seemed the BEST cafe in the area. The show was great, the pizza delicious and the beer cold and tasty! Teresa was even asked up on stage to perform Tango with one of the dancers.

With our bellies full and a feeling a bit sluggish from the food and drink, we decided it was time to start walking again, but this time, we used a bit more discretion and took a cab out of La Boca to Puerto Madero to finish our day of sight seeing. Puerto Madero is just south of our hostel and is one of the most expensive places to live in all of Buenos Aries. Located on the banks of a river, Puerto Madero is a huge redevelopment project where old factories have been converted into sheek lofts and flats. In the middle of Puerto Madero is The Puente del al Mujer (women's bridge), a very stunning designed bridge. The shops and restaurants in this area were very high end (except for the Hooters)-we were definitely impressed!

After Puerto Madero, we returned to our hostel and rested up for a bit before Teresa had to go to the bus station to catch her ride to Iguazu falls. Bon Voyage Teresa! Catch all of the pictures from today's adventure at: I will be on my own for my last day in Buenos Aries tomorrow. I will catch a bunch of great sights in Palermo and do some serious shopping in Palermo Soho-time for Christmas presents!

Tonight the hostel has a movie under the stars on our roof side deck. It will be the perfect evening to a very nice day. See everyone tomorrow!

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