Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Torres Del Paine (Day 1)

We awoke to a beautiful morning at our campsite and got ready for our big hike up to "the horns". The hike site was about an hour and a half drive from our campsite, so after a nice breakfast, we boarded the bus and set out for the trail head.

The trail head actually started at a very nice hotel and the weather was looking good as we set out. Our Chilean guide, Juan (who really reminds me of my friend Jack Lam) told us the hike would be challenging and he wasn't joking. We gained about 3,500 feet in a little under six miles. Some areas of the trail were SUPER steep and took some time to navigate, but the summit was well worth it with some spectacular views of "the horns" and the glacier lake at the base of the rock formation.

After some cheesy pictures, we started back down the trail. This was the hardest part for me because of my knees, but we took our time and eventually made it back down to the bottom in one piece. Along the way, I got some great landscape shots, close ups of plants and flowers and even a picture of the biggest bee I have ever seen! Check out all of the pictures from day one at:

Venturing back to our campsite exhausted and hungry, we had but one more obstacle to navigate as we passed over a bridge that was about an inch wider than our vehicle. Our diver was a natural though and got us back to the campsite safe and sound for some dinner and wine before hitting the rack for some much needed sleep before our next 8 hour trek!

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