Sunday, December 27, 2009

Iguazu Falls Day 2-Rain Forest Adventure

After the waterfalls and boat ride yesterday, none of us really knew what to expect when we met in the lobby to catch our ride at 7:45 AM. I had to pack up all of my stuff because I was checking out and heading to the airport after our morning excursion.

Our guide met us at the hotel and to our surprise, directed us to a four wheel drive tuck looking thing instead of a bus. There was about seven of us in the vehicle and we spent the next 45 minutes picking up the remaining adventurers on our way to our destination.

As we drove, we were quickly informed that we would be heading to a military base for this adventure. Our final destination would bring us to a zip line course consisting of three sections of zip line about 60 feet above the rain forest floor!

Tensions ran high as we got closer to the course- we were all wondering what we got ourselves into! At the course, the instructors explained how we would be harnessed into the pulley system and most importantly, how to stop! They even had one person in the group snap into a demo line so we could see just how we were going to be sent down the line.

As we scaled the stairs to the first platform, I could not believe the materials the stair system had been constructed of. Very flimsy looking vertical support members that did not look like they would be able to support all of our weight! Once I reached the first landing, I felt the platform swaying all over the place! I was a bit freaked out, but my new friend's grandmother was so excited that I forgot about my fear of heights and decided I had better come correct on this course and represent!

The zip line course consisted of one leg of 1200 feet and two legs of 600 feet each. In all, we zipped along the rain forest canopy for about 4 minutes. It was brilliant!

After the zip line course was over, our hosts took us to the water repelling course. This course consisted of an assisted repel down an actual waterfall. The falls were not that large, but the course was still imposing, especially for inexperienced climbers like us.

I went down to the bottom of the course to get some pictures of my new fiends on the course, then handed my camera off to get some snaps of myself navigating the course. It was a lot of fun, especially at the end where you could barley see because you were getting hit with so much water! Check out all of the action from today at:

Once the repel was complete, we jumped back into the truck and were dropped off at the hotel. I showered up using the swimming pool shower and grabbed a quick lunch before my transfer to the airport arrived. Today it is back to Buenos Aries for me for a night, then I will be heading back home on the evening of the 28th.

Although my adventures are almost at an end, I will definitely have one more great night in Buenos Aries before it is back to reality. I have learned so much on this trip and have come to gain a great appreciation for this country and its people!

Ciao Ciao

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